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Welcome to BioBubba's
World of Biodiesel and Alternate Fuels

This site is designed to help you learn about biodiesel and alternate fuels. We aim to provide info on biodiesel production from vegetable fats and oils, animal fats and even algae. You can also learn about ethanol production from cellulosic materials such as switchgrass and other flora.

There are lots of people selling "How-to" instructions on biodiesel production. However, the need to decentralize this information and make it available to all is most important regardless of the type of economic system in which we live.

Biodiesel and other alternate fuels are generally easy to produce. From collecting waste vegetable oil at local diners and backyard biodiesel homebrewing to fermenting switchgrass and other cellulosic materials for ethanol production, the knowledge base is available. Its just a matter of making it happen and maintaining a high degree of safety in the process. Nothing will stop you quicker in your tracks than having an accident while you're handling chemicals and industrial equipment.

As you can see from the links to the left, this site describes several aspects of energy independence. If you have any questions, comments, find any dead links, or wish to recommend any new ones, please send me a note.

We'll introduce a cast of characters to join you through 'BioBubba's World' as this site develops.



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